2016 IRS Representation (2015)

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Credit Hours: 8

By: Christine Engel, CPA


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IRS Number: 5KBKR-T-00287-15-S
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This class begins with a discussion on reading and understanding IRS notices, letters and transcripts, continues through an understanding of the IRS’ organization and how to run a representation case. We the discuss the types of examinations, Reviewing/challenging the document request(s), Minimizing the scope of the audit, and when to concede an issue and when to press on including conusltation with other professionals, appeals, offers in compromise and other unique representation problems. Special attention is given to dealing with ollections and enforcement actions such as liens, levies, seizures and garnishments and Installment agreements.

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Credit Hours: 8
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At the conclusion of this course the student will be able to define the IRS audit process, argue and defend the rights of the taxpayer, and negotiate an agreement with the IRS to conclude the examination.

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5+ years tax preparation experience

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2016 IRS Representation (2015)

On Demand Webcasts

Credit Hours: 8

by Christine Engel, CPA