2017 Clergy Tax (2016)

Manual & DVD Package

Credit Hours: 2

By: Bob Jennings CPA, EA


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IRS Number: 5KBKR-T-00382-16-S
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This study guides covers a variety of topics concerning taxation of member of the clergy. Specifically, it
 Who qualifies as a minister under IRS Regulations
 W-2 and non-W-2 wages, the housing allowance, and 1099 income
 Travel, clothing, insurance, and dues
 The income tax deduction for expenses
 Comprehensive coverage of ministerial income and expenses
 Ministerial income subject to and exempt from the self-employment tax

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Credit Hours: 2
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Course Objective

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: 1. Determine what is included in a minister’s W-2 2. Define Ministers’ housing allowance 3. Determine where info should be entered on various forms 4. Determine what information is included on Form 4361

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2017 Clergy Tax (2016)

Manual & DVD Package

Credit Hours: 2

by Bob Jennings CPA, EA