2017 S Corporations from A-Z

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By: Bob Jennings CPA, EA


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The discussion of S corporations includes elections using Form 2553, late “S” election, allowed shareholders, reasonable compensation, basis rules, distributions and accounting issues as well as the use of ESBT’s, QSST’s and the Q-Sub. The “S” discussion provides the forms, elections and statements needed to convert a sole proprietor to an S corporation or to convert an LLC to an s corporation, as well as the guidance needed to convert a C corporation. The rare 338 step-up election for S corporations is discussed in example form and we also provide the instructions and elections to make a deemed dividend election or to distribute E&P before AAA. We also discuss troublesome operating issues such as officer compensation, suspended losses and non-cash distributions. We analyze the effects of fringe benefits on the owners of the S corporation. The course concludes with a case study on S corporation liquidations.

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Upon the completion of this course, the student should be able to: Prepare tax returns for S Corporations.

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2017 S Corporations from A-Z

Manual & DVD Package

Credit Hours: TBD

by Bob Jennings CPA, EA