2018 Basis S Corps & LLCs (2017)

E-Book & DVD Package

Credit Hours: 2

By: Bob Jennings CPA, EA, CFP®


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    IRS Number: 5KBKR-T-00495-17-S
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    In this course we cover a variety of topics regarding Basis as it pertains to S Corporations and LLCs.
    Specifically this course includes:
    Initial Basis
    Ordering Rules
    Suspended Loss
    S Corporation Shareholder Stock
    Loss Net Basis
    Capital Accounts
    Step Up Basis Election
    Much More

    2017 Course Version

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    Credit Hours: 2
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    Course Objective

    Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: 1. Identify the benefits of the Elective Ordering Rule 2. Determine what reduces basis 3. Identify terms outlined in the text 4. Define Capital accounts

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    2-4 years tax preparation experience

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    NASBA Category


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    2018 Basis S Corps & LLCs (2017)

    E-Book & DVD Package

    Credit Hours: 2

    by Bob Jennings CPA, EA, CFP®