2018 The Gig Economy (2017)

Manual & DVD Package

Credit Hours: 2

By: Terry O. Bakker, EA, LTC


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    IRS Number: 5KBKR-T-00518-17-S
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    In this newly designed and written course we discuss the operational and tax aspects of the new economy including crypto-currencies, space/equipment sharing, short term rentals of vehicles and space, and many other emerging new business models.

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    Credit Hours: 2
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    At the conclusion of this class the student should be able to describe the business model used in various new consumer-based business activities, and to be able to complete a Federal tax return implementing this understanding.

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    2018 The Gig Economy (2017)

    Manual & DVD Package

    Credit Hours: 2

    by Terry O. Bakker, EA, LTC