2017 Like Kind Exchanges (2015)

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Credit Hours: 2

By: Bob Jennings CPA, EA


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This manual identifies requirements for an exchange, personal property, related parties, and various rules;
transaction issues, unusual applications of like kind exchange rules and specific like kind exchange situations. Specifically, this chapter

More stringent rules for personal property exchanges

Rules applicable to like kind exchanges

Examples of various like kind exchanges

2015 Course Version

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Credit Hours: 2
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Course Objective

Upon completion of this section, you will be able to: 1. Identify general concepts of like kind exchanges to clients. 2. Determine the various types of exchanges that may be made. 3. Determine if a transaction meets the four requirements to qualify as a like kind exchange. 4. Determine if a personal property exchange transaction is a like kind exchange under the stricter rules.

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2-4 years tax preparation experience

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2017 Like Kind Exchanges (2015)

E-Book & DVD Package

Credit Hours: 2

by Bob Jennings CPA, EA