2017 Charity Bargain Sales (2014)

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By: Bob Jennings CPA, EA


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If you sell or exchange property for less than fair market value with the intent of making a gift, the transaction is partly a sale or exchange and partly a gift. Bargain sales to charity allow donors to support a favorite cause while also gaining some liquidity in return. For example, when appreciated property is worth more than a prospective donor is willing or able to give, a bargain sale can split the asset into two pieces: a deductible contribution and a taxable sale. A bargain sale of property to a charitable organization is partly a sale or exchange and partly a charitable contribution. This course provides the rules, the examples and the calculators to take advantage of this special treatment.

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Upon completion of this course the student will be able to determine when a bargain sale to charity exists, how to calculate the taxable portion and the contribution portion and how to provide for client utilization of this tax planning technique.

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2017 Charity Bargain Sales (2014)

On Demand

Credit Hours: 1

by Bob Jennings CPA, EA