2018 754 Step-Up Basis Election (2016)

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Credit Hours: 1.5

By: Bob Jennings CPA, EA, CFP®


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    IRS Number: 5KBKR-T-00474-17-S
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    While discussing advanced business tax issues, we broke out a special discussion and overview of basis rules and then did in-depth discussion of the 754 step up basis election for LLC's and partnerships. The discussion was so good and the requests for the separate information so strong that we have broken that section of the day into a stand alone course. In this class Bob reviews all basis rules for partnerships and S corps, including at-risk and debt issues, leading into the 754 step up basis election. Bob then guides you through the analysis of 754 with numerous on-screen examples, actual elections and tax return completion tips, such as how to put it on a 1065, K-1 reporting, timely filing etc. This class will pay for itself the first time you need the election.

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    Credit Hours: 1.5
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    At the conclusion of this class the student will be able to calculate inside, outside and at-risk basis in an entity taxed as a partnership. The student will also be able to advise clients when it is appropriate to make a 754 election, and then calculate and apply the election to the tax return

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    2018 754 Step-Up Basis Election (2016)

    On Demand

    Credit Hours: 1.5

    by Bob Jennings CPA, EA, CFP®