E-Book & DVD Package

2016 1040 Tax in Depth

Price: $272.00 | Level: Intermediate | Hours: 30

**Hours for this course are estimated until the course writing is completed.(16 hours of Video)** This is TaxSpeaker's flagship course that in 2016 receiv...

2016 Business Tax Credits

Price: $95.00 | Level: Basic | Hours: 2.5

Tax planners for businesses-this is your course! Taxpayer business owners-this is your course! 2015 saw major changes in business tax credits at the end of t...

2016 Business Tax in Depth

Price: $272.00 | Level: Intermediate | Hours: 27

The business in-depth class is the central reference point manual for preparing business tax returns. Similar to our 1040 class, this course begins with det...

2016 Payroll-Hiring, Forms & Reporting

Price: $95.00 | Level: Basic | Hours: 2

We will start with worker classification: employee vs independent contractor,. We will cover employer compliance requirements for hiring, record keeping, and...

2017 754 Step-Up Basis Election (2016)

Price: $105.00 | Level: Intermediate | Hours: 1.5

While discussing advanced business tax issues, we broke out a special discussion and overview of basis rules and then did in-depth discussion of the 754 step...

2017 Accountants Reports & Letters

Price: $105.00 | Level: Basic | Hours: 2

This course provides the majority of the SSARS 21 compliant report and engagement letters for prepared, compiled and reviewed financial statements.

2017 Accounting Methods (2016)

Price: $105.00 | Level: Basic | Hours: 3

In December, 2015 the IRS released a new Form 3115, Change in Accounting Method form for the first time in 7 years. Our 2016 accounting methods class provide...

2017 AICPA Ethics (2015)

Price: $105.00 | Level: Basic | Hours: 2

In this course you will learn about a variety of topics with regards to AICPA code of conduct and ethics rules, with practical emphasis on actions affecting ...

2017 Business Pension Plans

Price: $77.00 | Level: Basic | Hours: 1

This course (updated for 2017) covers defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans including:401(k), Roth 401(k), Solo 401(k), and all forms of IRAs inc...

2017 Circular 230 Ethics (2016)

Price: $105.00 | Level: Basic | Hours: 2

This ethics course is designed to provide real life, interesting cases to review current Circular 230 requirements. We also provide an update to the latest ...

2017 Clergy Tax (2016)

Price: $105.00 | Level: Basic | Hours: 2

This study guides covers a variety of topics concerning taxation of member of the clergy. Specifically, it discusses:  Who qualifies as a minister under I...

2017 Compilation & Review

Price: $224.00 | Level: Basic | Hours: 13

Our 2017 compilation and review course is just the guide you need to understand and implement SSARS 21. Our small firm oriented manual walks your firm throug...

2017 Practice Management (2016)

Price: $224.00 | Level: Basic | Hours: 9

TaxSpeaker's Practice Management for Your Tax Office addresses vexing small tax firm's issues like fees, billing, interviewing clients, tax return processing...

2017 S Corporations-338 Step Up Basis Election (2014)

Price: $77.00 | Level: Basic | Hours: 1

Usually when the owner of an “S” corporation is ready to sell his or her company they are only interested in selling the stock in the “S” corporation. Occasi...

2017 S Corporations-QSubs, QSST's & ESBTs (2014)

Price: $77.00 | Level: Basic | Hours: 1

This course defines the various 3 trusts used in S corporation ownership and operations and provides coverage of the requirements of making the elections inc...

2017 Surtaxes (2016)

Price: $77.00 | Level: Basic | Hours: 1

This is a definitive guide on the Medicare and Net Investment Income surtax with dozens of examples, checklists and worksheets to help you navigate this comp...