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Accountants Reports & Letters

Our Accountants Reports and Letters course begins with a rapid review of professional standards requirements necessary to issue compiled or reviewed financial statements to clients. Written by practitioners, we discuss those unusual reporting situations affected by independence, income-tax basis, selected disclosures and no disclosures Our course then concludes by providing literally dozens of practical examples of GAAP and SSARS compilation and review reports for annual and interim financial statements with full, selected and no-disclosures under GAAP and OCBOA.

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Accounting & Auditing Update

This course is designed to provide a practical review of the latest professional standards changes for CPAs. The author reviews changes to financial reporting standards: Auditing standards updates; Changes to reporting requirements for compilations and reviews; Financial accounting standards board opinions and Guidance and other current guidance from the AICPA and similar other authoritative bodies.

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Attendees call it "America's Best Accounting Course" simply because it is written and taught from a small firm practitioner point of view, with all the latest report letters, checklists and guides to use immediately in your office. This course is designed to cover during its 4 hours the SSARS rules for compiled financial statements, including OCBOA financial statements as well as accountant’s reports for SSARS compilations and OCBOA compilations.

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Preparations, Compilations & Reviews

Our 2017 compilation and review course is just the guide you need to understand and implement SSARS 21. Our small firm oriented manual walks your firm through all of the new rules and provides the SSARS-21 compliant engagement letters, report letters and statement disclaimers you need in a busy practice, and it is updated to include SSARS 22 and 23! Combine the letters with clear explanation and guidance of the nuances of the new preparation standard and the changes to the compilation rules and you will have a new understanding of what rules apply and what rules do not apply when working with clients for bookkeeping, and reporting needs for preparations, compilations and reviews. The review chapter includes the new report and engagement letters provided by SSARS 21 as well as guidance on analytical review, inquiry and new management representation letters.

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