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Security Guide-How to protect your peopl

The IRS reports a 400% increase in identity theft issues. The FTC announces that tax preparers are the number one target for thieves. All busy offices have three types of assets: people, equipment, and data. In this dynamite class TaxSpeaker’s own IT director as well as TaxSpeaker’s president team up to identify the risks, but then to go way beyond and provide step-by-step instructions to mitigate the risks. With numerous guides and checklists, software recommendations and computer setting changes we help protect all 3 groups of your office’s assets. Windows 10 is the newest threat, and its unmodified use out of the box is a direct violation of IRS confidentiality rules-we show you how to make it compliant. This is a rare class that everyone in your office should take, not just tax preparers, with the latest 2017 guidelines for tele-commuting, remote workers, cell phone and tablet security and Wi-Fi security. Rewritten (again!) for 2017, the guide provides written policies on confidentiality, telecommuting, employee computer & internet use, security, disaster losses and more.

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Technological Office Guide

Bob Jennings leads you through the hardware, software, cloud tools and portals to make your office the most profitable and efficient office available today.

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What do you say about a course that has been deemed "the best course I have ever taken?" It goes way beyond the "what-ifs" and actually covers, illustrates and shows how to use the latest tools available to make your office a screaming, efficient profit-machine. Everything we cover is used by Bob in his practice, so you know it works! This year’s topics include in-depth discussion of: Security, Web portal usage and implementation, The latest technological equipment, e-Signatures for IRS, Electronic file cabinets, Powerful apps, Tablets and processing.

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Top Tech Topics

This course is designed to cover the “What’s New” section of our full Technology course. It covers the latest Software and hardware tools, Online applications, Web portals and more! This short course may be the best value-added short course in America.

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Windows 10

Bob & Ryan Jennings tell you which version of Windows 10 to buy and why, they show you how to speed it up, make it secure and make it stable.

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