Tax Planning for Individuals

Live Seminar

Credit Hours: 8

By: Ron Roberson CPA

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    Event Description:

    This could be the best course you will take in 2018. It has been designed and written exclusively for the planning aspects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and includes dozens of ideas and tools to help taxpayers utilize the income tax opportunities available in the Act.
    Designed to guide the practitioner through dozens of old and new planning ideas, this class gives participants the tools needed to help clients through items such as unusual income years, as well as long-term guidance for small businesses and high and low income individuals as a rare course designed for tax planning rather than tax compliance.
    This course will discuss options for dealing with the lost deduction for employee business expenses, the limit on itemized deductions for taxes, and the new interest deduction rules. It will also lead the practitioner through themaze of new thresholds for itemized deductions and guide small business owners with fringe benefit tools. A number of retirement planning tools are discussed while examining the appropriate uses and modifications allowed for various types of plans. The chapter for small business owners analyzes the attributes of various entity types including the low C corporation tax rate, wages vs/ dividends and the 20% flow through deduction.
    The individual tax planning course is divided into three sub-topics: planning ideas for the W-2 taxpayer; planning ideas for the small business owner; and planning ideas for everyone. Each sub chapter includes 15-30 planning tools, checklists and example guidance illustrating the rules and tools needed to utilize the idea presented.

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    State Sponsor: Oregon Association of Independent Accountants

    Phone: 503-282-7247

    Email: [email protected]

    Sponsor Details

    Sponsor: Oregon Association of Independent Accountants

    The Oregon Association of Independent Accountants was formed in 1946, as the "Oregon Association of Public Accountants". Our name was changed in January 1991 to reflect a broader scope and the diversity of the organization's membership. The OAIA is an organization of tax professionals in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. We are an affiliate of the National Society of Accountants.

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    Date:   October 26, 2018
    Time:   8:00 AM    Add to Outlook
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    Holiday Inn Wilsonville
    Address: 25425 SW 95th Avenue Wilsonville, OR 97070
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    Ron Roberson CPA

    Ron Roberson is a well-known tax lecturer who has more than 20 years of experience teaching throughout the United States. Ron annually speaks to thousands of tax professionals about the latest business and personal tax law developments, using his sense of humor and friendly speaking style to keep...

    Sue Robertson
    [email protected]


    Event Objective
    Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: Identify problem areas for your clients, Determine what the best course of action to take in low and high income years, as well as Identify the limits on itemized deductions and the new interest deduction rules.

    Field of Study

    5+ years tax preparation experience

    Event Level

    NASBA Category